The Results are in….

So in my last blog I wrote about my 5 week challenge, 5 boot camps a week for 5 weeks. Well the results are in and they will surprise you…. Continue reading


My 5 week challenge

In April I joined Life Change Fitness Boot Camps, since my operation and being unable to exercise for 4 months I needed something to get me back in the swing and motivate my ever increasing arse, so my sister suggested giving them ago outside of my normal gym workouts. The first session was free so I thought what better time to do it than on the morning of my 30th Birthday. I know I’m mental but what better way to start the day then a good gym session, get those endorphins flowing.

Rob was doing the session that day and he takes no prisoners, birthday burpees were my punishment but I LOVED the session and I signed up right there and then for 2 sessions a week for a month. Continue reading

Post workout Feast!!!

tumblr_ns6ew12b2C1qhvhh0o1_500 It’s recipe time! I haven’t done a recipe in a while and this one is now one of my favourites and whenever I’m cooking it in the house, whoever is round will always ask how to make it so here it is! As always this recipe is soooooo easy and an all round crowd pleaser. I’ll be honest I stole some of this recipe from Mr Joe Wicks aka Body Coach however, I’ve made a few changes but it’s still super healthy with all your good fats, high in protein and a perfect post workout meal.

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I fell off the wagon…

10553545_440917769396391_4946594825099486869_n1So it’s been WAYYYYYY too long… I know I’ve been rubbish and I’m sure you’ve just been sitting there waiting excitedly for my next post…no? oh… awkward!

Anyway, the wait is over, I’m back…where have I been I hear you shout… well falling off the wagon is the answer, to be honest, to say I fell off would be an understatement, I jumped and it ran over me 10 times and I can’t even see it at this point, the wagon is so far away I would have to run to catch it up but my ever increasing arse won’t allow me to move…. I know, I’ve always said the bigger the arse the better and I do still stick by that but there is big and there is BIG. Mine is becoming the latter.


So I thought what better way to get this ever growing arse into gear then to write a blog and get myself motivated. I do have a good excuse, due to the weight loss I achieved a year or so ago (Pic in my about me blog) I decided to treat myself to a little nip and tuck… don’t judge! Unfortunately due to some minor complications (serves me right I guess) I wasn’t allowed to exercise for 4 months…. Yes, 4 months. It was a killer and a serious test for my willpower as that glass of wine… who am I kidding… bottle! It was ok when I used to think “that’s ok, I can burn that off at the gym” well I couldn’t! So the glasses added up and so did the pounds…. Yes, the sad step as The Body Coach – Joe Wicks calls it became the step of depression!! Continue reading

The Body Coach – Taking the plunge!

So for those of you who don’t know already, I recently started The Body Coaches 90daysss. What is it? Let me explain, it’s a 90-day eating and exercise plan to torch fat and get you lean. It’s about throwing away the scales or sad step as he calls it and concentrating on reducing body fat. If any of you follow him on Instagram he is the inventor of the #leanin15 meals and let me tell you… they may be lean but they are sooooo tasty and you certainly don’t get go hungry. Continue reading

Make room for these shrooms

Ok so they aren’t magic mushrooms but I’m glad that got your attention… although come to think of it, that’s slightly worrying…no judgement!

So they may not be magic but they taste bloody good! This is a new recipe I tried out recently, I’m often trying to think of different vegetables I can have with meat and fish and as I eat A LOT of vegetables it’s important to mix it up, there is only so much asparagus I can eat!!! Continue reading